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damagedgoods's Journal

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Joshua Alexandr: The Idol of My Age
19 October
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I'm a waste with a vocabulary.

I'm a style without a name.

I am the burning rage that knows no bounds.

I am the finer things in life.

I am suicide in tiny, tiny, increments.

I am the Idol of the my age.
24-hour diners, alan smithee project, alexis, all american liberal, all your base, american graffiti, at the drive-in, badly drawn boy, beautiful eyes, being a nice guy, being a renaissance man, being scottish, beowulf, black chocolate milk, black clothing, black eyes, born to kill, bourbon street, boxing, brass knuckles, bright eyes, bullitt, camaros, carnivorism, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, coalesce, cryptic entries, cursive, davidson, deep conversation, deerhounds, depression, derek, desparecidos, dillinger escape plan, diners, disdain, disgust, djarum blacks, djarum specials, doghouse records, dogs, dont give a fuck, drag racing, dreaming, driving alone, early 70's, emo, erik, failed romance, fat lips, fight club, fighting, fighting over nothing, flirtation, former skinhead, girls, greasers, guinness, guy ritchie, hating the 80's, henry rollins, high fidelity, hooah, hurricanes, i hate pacificists, indie, inebriation, injury, inkling, jack russell terriers, john cusack, joshua fit for battle, kefka, kevin smith, kilts, king of prussia, kissing girls, knock-down drag-out, late 60's, livejournal idol, london, lonely roads, long cinematic cigarette inhalations, m. night shyamalan, mad max, masculinity, matthew pryor, mike patton, mirwais, movie quotes, muscle cars, my friends, natural-aspiration, never getting the girl, new orleans, night driving, north carolina, nostalgia, not waving but drowning, now she's gone, ocean colour scene, old movies, one man army, orb, out of reach, outrage, p@, photoshop, police evasion, political incorrectness, political science, propaghandi, psychology, punk rock, quote whores, racing, randy, raw meat, redheads, rex, rivalry, romance, rubbing her back, saddle creek, shadow and interceptor, sideburns, sifl and olly, sleep, snatch, snow, speeding, steve mcqueen, stick shift, super troopers, talking with my fists, the army life, the get up kids, the good life, tool, tulloch, unconditional love, valley forge park, violence, whole milk, wife-beater shirts, wind in my hair, writing, writing ideas down

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