Joshua Alexandr: The Idol of My Age (damagedgoods) wrote,
Joshua Alexandr: The Idol of My Age

I submit to no man's will.

Required listening for me to admit that I know you in public:

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Any of it, whether it's the HxE makings of "Belly Full of Hell" or "Last Winter Dance Party", or their more Indie work like "The Past Two"

the Clash: three words, "Rudie Can't Fail."

Thursday: "Understanding in a Car Crash." Oldie, but a goodie.

The Faint: "Call Call," "I Disappear," "Desperate Guys," and "Worked Up So Sexual"

and Tiger Army: "Rose in the Devil's Garden."

Rose in the Devil's Garden is my current "it" song. Oh fuck yea. And Worked Up So Sexual was introduced to me by a hawtt stripper at Cloud Nine (A local strip club to the H-town crew) with a Betty Page haircut. Oh the appropriateness.
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